How to Create a WordPress Website from the Ground Up (In 4 Steps)
How to Create a WordPress Website from the Ground Up (In 4 Steps)

How to Create a WordPress Website from the Ground Up (In 4 Steps)

This WordPress tutorial teaches beginners how to build a WordPress website from the ground up.

Because here's the issue: you want to create a WordPress website for your blog, business, portfolio, store, or forum, but the thought of tinkering with computer code, databases, or software is intimidating.

The good news is that creating a WordPress website is simple (though not as "easy" as creating a social media account). While there is some learning involved, running it afterwards is also simple (see this guide for more information). You own your site, unlike website builders, and it can expand as your site grows. Here's how to create a WordPress website in just four steps.

To get to your website, you'll need something for people to type into their web browser.

Get Web Hosting - You'll need a place to host your new website.

Install WordPress - Your website requires software to help it be better managed, and WordPress is the most popular and best option. You'll discover how to install WordPress with a single click.

Following Steps - WordPress makes it simple to create a professional-looking website that can grow into whatever you want it to be. You'll discover where and how to learn everything you'll ever need to know about WordPress and website setup.
A domain name is simply the address that people type into their browser to access your website (ie,

The Video below is a step-by-step on how to go about the building of a professional website from scratch to the professional level. If you have more question, do not forget to drop a comment, and also like the video.....

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